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We are part of the Chestnut collection of pubs, inns, and restaurants. Our Georgian building remains a landmark in our former Suffolk wool town and continues the tradition of offering outstanding hospitality to visitors and locals alike. 

Long Melford is one of Suffolk’s “wool towns” which came to prominence in the 15th Century as the area became synonymous with weavers. Its name is derived from a 3 mile stretch of road that has become the ‘high street’ – and is situated close to the Essex border, marked by the nearby River Stour.

We believe that the beauty of the country and coast; the quality and variety of it's produce; the richness of it's history and culture; and the warmth of it's people make East Anglia an unmissable treat. 

We seek to craft authentic experiences for our guests which is deeply rooted in our passion for the local area.

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